Looking for help building relationships with your most valued customers?

I love working with corporate partners to help them connect and grow relationships with their most important customers. I've been rather successful working with partners in a variety of contexts. My global research partners span a variety of sectors including technology, financial, health, food/fine dining, retail, and entertainment services. Prior to academics, I worked in branding for Ogilvy and Mather in New York, where I helped managed such brands as American Express® and Post Cereal®.

My Research Team’s Recent Successes:

✔  Restaurant Holding Company (1,500+ Outlets)

  • Increased Repurchase Behavior by 50% and Program was Launched Nationally by improving post-experience correspondence with the firm’s best customers

✔  National Service Firm and Software Manufacturer

  • Increased Spending by 130% for a B2C Service Firm and 39% for a B2B Software Manufacturer by manipulating changes in their post-transaction satisfaction surveys

✔  Global Leader in Technology

  • Demonstrated value and saved 250+ Online Support Communities from Deletion