On this page, you will find a current list of my publications, including links for accessing these materials, as well as details about posters, conferences, and other research initiatives. My scholarship is guided by my research interests, which typically focus on:

  • Customer Feedback Management
  • Service Innovation
  • Transformative Consumer Research (Health Care)
  • Social Identity

Paul Fombelle - Curriculum Vitae

Publications in Peer-Reviewed Journals

Bone, S.A., Lemon, K.N., Voorhees, C. M., Liljenquist, K.A., Fombelle, P.W., DeTienne, K.B., and Money, B.R. (2017) “Mere Measurement “Plus”: How Solicitation of Open-Ended Positive Feedback Influences Customer Purchase Behavior,” Journal of Marketing Research.

Voorhees, C. M., Fombelle, P. W., & Bone, S. A. (2020) “Don’t Forget about the frontline employee during the COVID-19 pandemic: Preliminary insights and a research Agenda on Market Shocks,” Journal of Service Research, 396-400.

Fombelle, P. W., Voorhees, C. M., Jenkins, M. R., Sidaoui, K., Benoit, S., Gruber, T., ... & Abosag, I. (2020) “Customer deviance: A framework, prevention strategies, and opportunities for future research,” Journal of Business Research, 387-400.

Fang, D., Fombelle, P. W., & Bolton, R. N. (2020) “Member Retention and Donations in Nonprofit Service Organizations: The Balance Between Peer and Organizational Identification,” Journal of Service Research.

Fombelle, P.W., Bone, S.A., and Lemon, K.N. (2016) Responding to the 98%: face-enhancing strategies for dealing with rejected customer ideas,” Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science, 1-22.

Voorhees, C.M., Fombelle, P. W., Gregoire, Y., Bone, S. A., Gustafsson, A., Sousa, R., and Walkowiak, T. (2017) "Service encounters, experiences and the customer journey: Defining the field and a call to expand our lens," Journal of Business Research.

Bone, S.A., Lemon, K.N., Liljenquist, K.A., Fombelle, P.W., Voorhees, C., DeTienne, K.B., Money, R.B. (2016) “When Saying is Believing: How Solicitation of Feedback Influences Customer Repurchase Intentions and Behavior,” Journal of Marketing Research.

Snyder, H., Witell, L., Gustafsson, A., Fombelle, P., & Kristensson, P. (2016). Identifying categories of service innovation: A review and synthesis of the literature. Journal of Business Research, 69(7), 2401-2408.

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Hill, K., Fombelle, P.W., and Sirianni, N. (2016), “Shopping under the influence of curiosity: How retailers use mystery to drive purchase motivation,” (Best Paper Award in Consumer Behavior and Psychology Track at 2013 American Marketing Association Summer Educator’s Conference), Journal of Business Research, 69(3), 1028-1043.

Fombelle, P. W., Sirianni, N. J., Goldstein, N. J., & Cialdini, R. B. (2015) “Fombelle, P. W., Sirianni, N. J., Goldstein, N. J., & Cialdini, R. B. (2015). Let them all eat cake: Providing VIP services without the cost of exclusion for non-VIP customers,” Journal of Business Research, 68 (9).

Bone, S.A., Fombelle, P.W., Ray, K.R., and Lemon, K.N. (2015) How Customer Participation in B2B Peer-to-Peer Problem-Solving Communities Influences the Need for Traditional Customer Service,” Journal of Service Research, 18 (1), 23-38. Featured in: CSL Blog (Best Practioner Paper at Frontiers in Service Conference 2011).

Fombelle, P.W., Cialdini, R., Sirianni, N., and Goldstein, N. (2015), “The VIP Phenomenon: The Role of Social Comparison in Status-Oriented Experiences,” Journal of Business Research,68(9), 1987-1996.

Loveland, J., Thompson, S., Fombelle, P.W. (2014), “Thematic Discrepancy Analysis: Gaining Insights to Target Lurkers,” Journal of Interactive Marketing, 28(1), 55-67

Vorhees, C., Fombelle, P.W., Allen, A., and Bone, S.A. (2014), “Managing Post-Purchase Moments of Truth: Leveraging Customer Feedback to Increase Loyalty.” MSI Reports, Report No. 14-115, Marketing Science Institute, Cambridge, MA. Summarized in Insights from MSI, the MSI practitioner newsletter sent to over 20,000 managers and executives, 2015 Issue #1.

Fombelle, P.W., Jarvis, C.B., Ward, J., and Ostrom, L. (2012), “Leveraging Customers’ Multiple Identities: Identity Synergy as a Driver of Organizational Identification,” Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science, 40(4), 587-604.

Book Chapters

Beckers, S. F., Bone, S. A., Fombelle, P. W., van Doorn, J., Verhoef, P. C., & Ray, K. R. (2018), “Happy users, grumpy bosses: Current community engagement literature and the impact of support engagement in a B2B setting on user and upper management satisfaction,” In Customer engagement marketing (pp. 141-169).

Baker, T. L., Fombelle, P., Voorhees, C., Hall, K. K. L., & Runnalls, B. (2019), "The impact of customer engagement behaviors and majority/minority information on the use of online reviews," In Handbook of Research on Customer Engagement. Edward Elgar Publishing.