Los Angeles Times: United Passenger Story.

Harvard Business Review: The Power of Positive Surveying.

Research Business Daily Report: Shopper Research's Most Common, Costly Error: Sketchy Store Detail

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American Marketing Association: “Mere Measurement Plus”: How Solicitation of Open-Ended Positive Feedback Influences Customer Purchase Behavior

This research demonstrates that firms can increase customer spending by simply asking customers to "say something nice" about their experience.

“Soliciting open-ended positive feedback can create positively biased memories of an exp​erience; the subsequent expression of those memories in an open-ended feedback format further reinforces them, making them more salient and accessible in guiding future purchase behavior."

Forbes: MSI's Trustee Meeting: Managing Post-Purchase Service Experiences: Leveraging Customer Feedback To Strengthen Relationships And Increase Customer Spending

Firms tend to focus efforts on customer complaints, but this study suggests that strengthening bonds with your happiest customers can be just as important, he concluded. “There are new opportunities to engage with your most valued customers to increase future behaviors.”

AMA Scholarly Insights: Solicitation of Open-Ended Positive Feedback Influences Customer Purchase Behavior

Rethink how you conduct post-transaction surveys. Want to build stronger relationships with your customers? Want to increase sales? Ask them for positive feedback!

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Science Daily: The Power of Online Communities to Solve Problems

Peer-to-peer problem solving can lessen the need for firms to actually have to contact their supplier for a traditional customer support service call, research indicates. This communal collaborative effort is what's solving customer problems, enabling firms to leverage the collective knowledge and wisdom of their customer communities for greater operational efficiencies.

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Center for Services Leadership at Arizona State University:  Customer Participation in B2B Online Communities

Science News

 News @Northeastern: The Power of a ‘Thank You’

A new paper co-authored by North­eastern ser­vice mar­keting expert Paul Fombelle sug­gests that firm expres­sions of grat­i­tude drive future cus­tomer pur­chasing behavior.
Paul Fombelle

News @Northeastern: 3Qs: Analyzing ‘Linsanity’

Three North­eastern experts examine the sudden suc­cess of bas­ket­ball star Jeremy Lin, the NBA’s first Asian-American player of Chi­nese or Tai­wanese descent.

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ASU Center for Services Leadership Talk

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Invited talk at Arizona State University